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Rec: Pods by Mice1900

I beta'ed this one, so I've been reading it in progress for a while now, but this is good horror-- creepy, angsty, heartwrenching, wonderful stuff. Perfect for Halloween. It's McKay/Beckett and mice1900 runs our boys through the wringer with this one. Even if these guys aren't your OTP, read this. The pairing is perfect for the story.

Go here now and read. And don't forget to comment! Feedback is the only "pay" fanwriters ever get for their efforts.
Carson Rodney Seriously

Fic: Familiar (PG, AU, Crack)

Title: Familiar
Author: SGAtlantisLight
Characters: John, Rodney
Relationships: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: PG
Warnings: Very AU. Very. And also crack.
Spoilers: Did I mention AU? So, no, nothing remotely resembling a spoiler
Excerpt: If it weren't for the horns and the little black bat wings and the forked tail flicking in annoyance, he could easily have mistaken the demon standing in the middle of the room for a man.
Disclaimer: Undoubtedly I own them, and a whole lot of other things, in some universe, but not this one.

To the crack
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A little help?

Ok so I have been harboring this idea for a fic for well ages. It's part of the reason I set up the sgahalloween thing, but I'm stuck stuck stuck. It probably won't get finished until half term (next week - yay!)but i could use a little help.

So the idea is a halloween party, fancy dress of course. Kinda been done now I know, but not AU so they really only have the resourses available to them that are in the Pegasus Galaxy for costumes and it is sprung on them a week before hand.

So the question is: which character would you like to see and as what?

It can be anything.

I kinda have an few ideas, but am always open to suggestions!

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SGA fic - The Life of the Party 1/?

So, do I write any of the SGA stories I've already gotten started, or a drabble, or any of the WaT or Lost fics I owe people? No, I start a new freaking SGA series!

Title:The Life of the Party 1/?
Fandom:Stargate Atlantis
Pairing, etc: McKay/Sheppard
Prompt: 59. Food
Word Count: around 3000 damn it
Rating: R for now but soon NC-17
Author's Notes: written for fanfic100 challenge, Food prompt (7 down, 93 to go) Totally AU, and total crack!fic…had the picture of Rodney in a toga in my head and I couldn’t resist, also this works quite well for the sgahalloween challenge

He, Dr. Rodney McKay, chief astrophysicist of the Atlantis Institute, dateless on prom night, destined to spend his dotage with a cat for company, was being propositioned.
Carson Rodney Seriously

Fic: All Saints Day (PG)

Title: All Saints Day
Author: SGAtlantisLight
Characters: Weir, Kavanaugh, Teyla, Ronon
Relationships: Kavanaugh/Sumner
Rating: PG
Warnings: Angst. No smut.
Spoilers: References to Rising II, Hot Zone, Siege I-III, Brotherhood, The Defiant One, Trinity, Conversion
Summary: Weir needs pictures of Atlantis's fallen for a commemoration service.
Disclaimer: The characters, the setting, etc. are NOT mine, even if I wish they were.

Adults only

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Two Halloween plot bunnies:

1) An Ancient trapped in a limbo of sorts (think Anubis S8 of SG1) possesses John in an attempt to fully ascend and will not let anyone stand in his way...including Rodney who is determined not to lose John to Casper the unfriendly ancient.

2) While on a trading mission, the team is invited to join in a celebration feast. Rodney unwittingly makes a trade agreement for either a) his vital organs or b) himself. The natives are not willing to break the agreement and unwilling to let the team leave until they get what Rodney agreed to.
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How about some Halloween fics? Let your imaginations run free. Does not have to be based in or on or around the date or event of Halloween, it could just be a spooky story if you wish.

So if you fancy writing and posting scary fic please do!

Pics, icons, or anything else is welcome as long as it has a halloween / scary theme to it.