lillyjk (lillyjk) wrote in sgahalloween,

SGA fic - The Life of the Party 1/?

So, do I write any of the SGA stories I've already gotten started, or a drabble, or any of the WaT or Lost fics I owe people? No, I start a new freaking SGA series!

Title:The Life of the Party 1/?
Fandom:Stargate Atlantis
Pairing, etc: McKay/Sheppard
Prompt: 59. Food
Word Count: around 3000 damn it
Rating: R for now but soon NC-17
Author's Notes: written for fanfic100 challenge, Food prompt (7 down, 93 to go) Totally AU, and total crack!fic…had the picture of Rodney in a toga in my head and I couldn’t resist, also this works quite well for the sgahalloween challenge

He, Dr. Rodney McKay, chief astrophysicist of the Atlantis Institute, dateless on prom night, destined to spend his dotage with a cat for company, was being propositioned.
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