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So here goes....Halloween Fic by Buddhawitch.

Halloween Fic - By buddhawitch (needs a better title - any suggestions?)
Rating: N-17
Pairing: McShep
Summary: Um, sillyness, dressing up for Halloween and the fun that follows.

Halloween Fic

“You have got to be kidding me!” Rodney McKay wailed after he had pushed aside the crowd gathered around the notice board in the Mess Hall. “Whose bright idea was this?”

“Mine” A voice said firmly behind him. “And it’s mandatory.” Dr Weir met Rodney’s gaze firmly. The crowd around them suddenly dispersed and went back to their tables and began pretending to be completely interested in their food.

“So I see the memo says. But really, I am positively certain that I have much more important things to be doing…” He countered.

“After all we have been through here since we arrived, we call all use the excuse to blow off a little steam, have some fun, wind down a little.” Elizabeth’s right eyebrow arched. “Especially you, Rodney. You are going to be there. If I have to make Colonel Sheppard frog march you there at gun point!” Elizabeth turned on her heal, leaving McKay spluttering after her.

“Be reasonable Elizabeth! I mean where am I going to find the material?”

Without turning Dr Weir called over her shoulder; “You’re the one that keeps telling us you are the smartest man here, so I’m sure you will figure it out!”

Rodney, now alone whined to himself. “But a costume? For a Halloween party? You have got to be kidding me!”


Rodney sat down with his plate of food, looking thoroughly miserable. He poked at the plate of almost identifiable produce with his fork, muttering to himself. He didn’t know how long he was sat there, alone, until another tray clattered onto the table beside him. He didn’t have to look up to see who it was.

“You’re frightening people again McKay. You have at least a one table clear radius around you.” Rodney heard Sheppard sit down, he carried on prodding his food without looking up.

“I guess you are all for this…” McKay waved his hands in the air, including his fork, splattering food all over the table. “Party.”

“Sure. Why not?”

“Yeah well you would. I forgot who I was talking to, Mr Sociable. You like parties, meet and greets, anything where you get to be the centre of attention.”

“Not all the time.” John’s voice lowered. “I like a little one on one too, as well you know.”

Rodney’s gaze flicked up to meet Sheppard’s. John’s eyes were sparkling with affection and barely contained laughter.

McKay shook his head disgusted. “I can’t believe you just said that.”

“You love me.”

“For my sins.” Rodney smiled. Trust John. When Rodney wanted to wallow in anger and misery, Sheppard always came along and shook him out of it. Bastard.

“So when did you find out?”

“Elizabeth told me yesterday, she was wondering if the Marines would go for it.”
“What? You KNEW?” With a look from John, Rodney lowered his voice. There may have been less volume but the contempt was still there. “You knew last night when you came over to my place? You knew when you were stripping off and climbing into bed with me? You knew when…” Rodney’s face flushed. “Right. That’s it. No more sex for the lying flyboy.”

McKay crossed his arms over his chest in a huff, glaring at John.

“Rod-ney. Yes I knew yesterday. But as I recall, when I came by last night you dragged me into bed and had your wicked way with me. I didn’t even get to say hello before you were molesting me!”

Rodney started to say something but John stopped him by waggling a finger in front of his face.

“Un huh. Let me finish. After hot sweaty sex with the Amazing Dr Porno sitting opposite me, we both fell asleep. At which point was I supposed to stop you and say ‘hey Rodney, in a weeks time Weir has planned a costumed Halloween party?’”

Rodney stared at him open mouthed.

“That was it Rodney. You can speak now.”

“Amazing Dr Porno?”

“Now there are words I did not want to hear.” Radek was standing by the table occupied by John and Rodney, about to sit down and join them. Both men turned in surprise. The Czech noticed with amusement that both of them were blushing. Sheppard was the first to recover.

“It’s who McKay was planning on going as to the Halloween party.”

Rodney looked mortified.

“I thought that was more your role Colonel.” Radek replied sitting down.

Rodney looked smugly back at John, his gaze telling Sheppard; get out of that one! He took a mouthful from his cup, waiting for Sheppard’s answer.

“I have my costume pretty much planned, and besides, Rodney could use the practice.”

McKay spat coffee all over the table, spraying John in the process.

“Point proven I think. This is not how you court someone Rodney.” It was John’s turn to be smug, as he brushed at his shirt.

“Great. Fine. Pick on the smart geek.”

John chose to take pity on McKay and changed the focus of the conversation. “So Radek, What are you going to go as?”

“I am undecided. Do I go as someone I admire and respect from history and have no-one know who I am or go as someone from popular culture.”

“I’d go for the pop culture if I was you, Radek, the grunts will expect it.” Rodney turned his attention to John. “So who are you going as then Colonel?”

“Not telling. It’s going to be a surprise.”

“Oh come on! Like it’s not inevitable that you are going to go as Han Solo.”

“Actually Rodney, no. It was far too obvious.”

“Oh.” Mckay looked slightly disappointed.

“Sherlock Holmes?” Asked Radek.

“Nope. I’m not going to tell you, so quit guessing.”

“Spoilsport. Anyway I have far too many important things to be doing to sit here discussing this stupid party with you, so Radek, when you’re done, I have some theories I need to check over with you.” Rodney stood up from the table, picked up his tray and left.

John leaned ever so slightly to his left, trying to make it look as casual as possible but in fact he had done it so that he could check out his lover’s ass as he walked away from him.

“…movies, literature, or music?”

John dragged himself back into the conversation with Zelenka, wondering if he could really pull his costume off and if going as Han Solo would have been the safe bet.


John knocked on McKay’s door. It was late but he knew Rodney would be up. The door opened and he walked in on what appeared to be a bombsite. There were clothes and equipment and items he didn’t quite recognise scattered everywhere.


“In here!” McKay called from the bathroom.

Sheppard picked his way across the room trying not to step on anything. He would have sworn that something moved over in the right hand corner. He walked a little quicker.

John peered into the bathroom, not entirely sure what he would find.

Rodney was sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor, surrounded by towels and wires and, oh my god, was that a plunger?

“Rodney, what are you doing?”

“It’s not obvious?”

“Um, no.” John leaned against the doorframe, one eyebrow quirked.

“Oh. Um. I’m trying to build a Dalek.”

“A Dalek?” John suppressed his laugh.

“Yes a Dalek! For this stupid Halloween party! Only I don’t have all the parts that I need! And how can I be Doctor Who if I don’t have a Dalek?” Rodney looked crestfallen.

John crossed the small distance between them going down on his knees to cup Rodney’s face. “You are a genius. I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Besides, you could always settle for a sonic screw.”
McKay looked at Sheppard and just stared at him in disbelief.

“Screwdriver. I meant to say screwdriver.”

“What is with you? You have been all innuendos and stupid puns. I think you need to see Carson.” Rodney frowned.

“I don’t need to see Carson.” John leaned in and kissed Rodney.

Rodney pulled away. “Don’t think this is going to make me forget your unusual be...” John kissed him again, this time making it deeper and longer.

John broke the kiss this time, leaving Rodney leaning forward for more.

“You were saying?”

“Um, what?”

“You were saying something Rodney.”

“I was? I, um, I forget.” Rodney closed the distance between them and pushed John on to his back. He arched his body, his hand snaking down to rub against John’s hardening cock.

“Not that I want to stop Dr Porno in mid flow, but could we at least make it to the bed?”

Rodney stopped kissing John’s neck enough to reply; “For that, no.”

Rodney’s hand started to undo the zipper on John’s fly. He slowly drew it down, teasing John’s neck with little kisses and nips. John tried to hold back a moan with little success and raised his hips so that Rodney could push his pants down. John’s boxers soon followed.

John still took Rodney’s breath away, especially when he was lying there; wanton, with his shirt on and his pants around his thighs. Rodney pushed up John’s shirt, bunching it under his arms and worked his way down John’s body, licking and sucking as he went.

Rodney rubbed his chin against the soft skin next to John’s cock, inhaling the wonderful smell of arousal. He reached out tentatively with his tongue and licked from the base to the tip. John took off his shirt and moved to sit up so that he could get at Rodney. McKay pushed him back down, his eyes telling him to enjoy it.

Rodney gripped the base of John’s cock, ran his tongue along the slit and then blew gently across the wet slick he had made.

“God….Rodney…” John moaned.

Rodney took as much of John in his mouth as he could, firming his lips to add pressure. John was writhing under his touch as the rhythm became more intense.

John’s hands were scrabbling for something to hold on to, he felt like he was going to fall apart. He floundered for a while before grasping a towel in one hand and the plunger handle in the other. It wasn’t enough to ground him; he could feel the tingling sensation at the base of his spine start. He was so close.

Suddenly Rodney’s mouth and hands left him. John dragged himself on to his elbows to look at Rodney. He was there, waiting for John’s gaze to reach his own.

As John was about to speak Rodney said; “So what are you going to go as?”

“Aw come on Rodney! I’m so close!”

“I know. All the more reason you’ll answer my question.”

“Dammit Rodney. I’m not going to tell you!”

“Okay.” Rodney reached out a hand a ghosted it over John’s aching cock. John groaned loudly. “How about now?” McKay asked removing his hand again.

“No!” John bit out.

Rodney repeated his movement and added a flick of tongue just under the head. “Now?”

“God dammit!” John sat up am shuffled himself away from Rodney, leaning back against the wall of the bathroom.

“Hey! Where are you going?”

“Well if you are not going to fucking do it, I’ll have to!” John reached for himself and started stroking fast and hard.

Rodney’s eyes went wide. He took in John touching himself and wondered why he had never tried this before. The sight in front of him aroused him so much it hurt, his cock aching to be released from his pants. He moved over to where John was sitting.

“You stay where you are!” John growled. “You started this; I’m going to finish it.”

Rodney was almost within touching distance of John, but stayed where he was. He couldn’t drag his gaze from John’s hands and what they were doing. His fingers itched to touch John so instead he took out his own cock and tried to match John stroke for stroke.

It only took John a few fast movements of his hand to reach his orgasm; he had been so close when Rodney had stopped. McKay seized his opportunity and practically leaped on top of John. Riding out the after shocks of his lover’s climax, Rodney thrust and ground against him, searching for his own release.

Sheppard was too exhausted to move or help much except to grab Rodney’s neck, one handed and pull him in for a kiss. John swallowed Rodney’s moan as he came.

As they both lay on the floor recovering John realised he still had his hand gripped around the handle of the plunger.

“If you ever and I mean ever, try a trick like that again…” John brandished the plunger towards Rodney menacingly. He dropped his makeshift weapon to the floor having used up his last bit of energy raising it at Rodney.

Rodney thought that he would definitely try that ‘trick’ again, if it was going to have the same results. He gave John a mumbled apology and struggled to get up on his feet. He helped Sheppard up and together they walked to the bed, stripping themselves of their clothing as they went.

As they lay there together, drifting in and out of consciousness, Rodney began to ponder what kind of costume had John gotten hold of that even denying him sex on the point of climax had not made him relent and tell him all about it. Maybe it was worth going to the party after all.


A week soon flew by. Everyone was talking about the party, what costume they were going to wear, who was going as Star Trek characters, fighting over who got to be Buffy or Angel. Rodney had been quietly working on his Dalek and gathering items to make his Tom Baker costume. He still had no idea what John was planning and had tried several things to get him to confess.

On Monday he tried whining and begging but John had had none of it. On Tuesday he tried boring it out of him, but that also failed. On Wednesday he tried tickling the answer free but John had gotten his own back, tied Rodney to the bed and left him there for an hour while he went to train with Teyla. Damn his special ops training. On Thursday he tried to verbally trick it out of him, but half way through the evening John had told Rodney that if he did not quit he wouldn’t come around again until after the party, and even then it was a maybe. Rodney had quickly stopped trying to get the answer from John. Fuck, he was good. Rodney hated him.

As Rodney dressed in his costume he half loathed John for keeping his secret and half admired him. He knew he would never have stood up to that first attempt in the bathroom let alone anything else he had tried.

Rodney walked down to the mess hall with his remote controlled Dalek following him. When he entered the room he found the whole place decorated with black and orange paper chains and large pumpkin type vegetables, carved and with candles in them. He had a passing thought that who had had the time to do this, when he caught sight of Zelenka.

Radek, having dyed his hair orange and spiked it all up, was sporting one of the medical team’s white coats. It wasn’t perfect but Rodney did not have to guess who he was. He made his way over to his friend.

“Hey Beaker!” He smiled, “So you went with pop culture after all Radek.”

“Well at least you know who I am. You are I believe The Doctor…” Radek made a small bow. “Excellent Rodney, but do you not think the Dalek was a bit too much?”

“Can’t have The Doctor without a Dalek and no-one would dress up as one.”

“Hey Rodney!” Carson had come over to join the two scientists.

“Braveheart?” Rodney laughed. “Where on Atlantis do you get the kilt?”

“Like I would’ve left it a’home!” Carson replied. “Do either of you know who Teyla has come as?”

The three men scanned the room looking for the Athosian. Rodney’s gaze passed over Kavanagh dressed as Kirk (as if!), Weir as a witch (possibly McGonnagal from Harry Potter), and a host of movie and pop stars. He noted with pride that two scientists had won the battle to be Buffy and Angel. He finally found Teyla talking to some of the Marines dressed as The Three Stooges, which was apt as she was dressed not dissimilar to Xena – Warrior Princess.

“Wow!” Muttered Rodney.

“Kurva drát!” Radek’s eyes had gone wide.

“Aye.” Sighed Carson. “I think she is some mystical warrior from Athosian legend.”

“You can say that again.” Radek had not taken his eyes off Teyla.

Suddenly the room went quiet, Rodney followed everyone’s gaze and his jaw fell open in disbelief. There standing in the doorway was Sheppard.

Rodeny blinked once. Rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand and blinked again. He took in the black heeled shoes, the…oh my god…tights, the snug black briefs and … dear god…a corset. Where the fuck had he got a corset from? The fake pearl necklace, gaudy make up and curly hair. Rodney thought he was going to have a heart attack. Lt Col. John Sheppard had come to the Halloween party as none other than Frank N Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture show!

The gasps of shock had died down and were quickly being followed by catcalls, laughter and clapping. John searched for Rodney, found him and strode over to his lover.

As soon as John was near enough Rodney spluttered; “How the hell do you walk in those heels?”

“It’s not as hard as you think.”

“Wanna bet?” Rodney countered.

Carson and Radek moved swiftly away, hearing more than they needed to know. Neither man noticed.

“And I know you John, where the fuck is your side arm?”

“You really don’t want to know!”

Rodney raised an eyebrow in question, which John promptly ignored.

“So Doctor…” John drawled.

“Where did you get it from?”

“I’m so not telling!”

“Please don’t tell me its part of your personal items.”

John laughed, “Dear god no!”

“Then who…?” With a look from John, Rodney stopped speaking. “Ok, ok, I won’t ask anymore.”

“Good. Nice Dalek.”

“Nice…Everything.” Rodney was almost drooling. So how long do we have to stay at this party?”

“A while I guess. I just got here. Want a drink?”

“I think I’m going to need one.”

John walked away from Rodney swaying his hips as he went. Rodney dragged a hand over his face. He couldn’t move he was so hard. The bastard! He knew what this was doing to him! And who would have thought that seeing his lover in women’s clothes would have gotten him so hot? All he wanted to do was take John back to his quarters and search for his side arm.

“I see you quiver with antici…pation.” Rodney shivered as the words were whispered in to his ear from behind.

“Damn right.”

John let out a low chuckle. Sheppard, already taller than Rodney was made more so by the heels he was wearing. Rodney had to stretch his neck to meet John’s gaze. Being this close to John, with him wearing so very little was almost too much to bear. He wanted to slowly unlace the corset and lick his way down to those oh so tight briefs. The briefs that weren’t concealing anything. Rodney swallowed thickly.

“So when can we leave the party?” He whined.

“All in good time my dear Doctor, all in good time.”

“Time is relative Colonel.”

Rodney grabbed John by the hand and practically dragged him out of the mess hall and headed for the transporter.

As soon as they were inside and the door was shut, Rodney pounced. He pushed John up against the wall; standing on his toes he kissed John with unkempt passion.

“Touch a touch a touch me!” John breathed.

And so Rodney did.

The End?
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